WalkAbout Volunteers Needed

WalkAbout is a PTSA program that partners with the school to provide a positive adult presence on campus during peak traffic and unstructured times. At CMMS, this is before school, after school, and during lunch. WalkAbout volunteers have designated places where they walk around the school campus encouraging appropriate behavior and allowing students to feel safe and secure.
In order to become a WalkAbout volunteer, you must be approved to volunteer through the Issaquah School District. Please be sure to complete the ISD Volunteer Application. You will also need to watch a WalkAbout training video.
We are now ready to train our volunteers and will be emailing those interested in WalkAbout this week with the training information. If you are interested in being trained, please email Monica at walkabout@cougarmountainptsa.org.
Thank you for your interest in making a positive difference in the lives of CMMS students!